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Something that ticks me off a bit is when people tell me that I should stop wasting my life playing video games. There are people who say it is dangerous, a waste of time, or stupid. Well I’m here to raise a question to those people and that question is what’s wrong with having a hobby? What is wrong with someone wanting to leave the stresses of life just for a little while? What, if its not stamp collecting or playing a sport its not a hobby? Its hard to be a gamer these days. Where everything you play will be made fun of by other gamers for playing it and non-gamers alike for playing games in the first place. As a WiiU owner I’ll tell you how annoying it is when all I want to do is be excited for a game only to hear everyone around me say “this is the WiiU’s last chance” or “why can’t they just put it on other consoles for a while” and other dumb things like that to ruin my enthusiasm. Lazy politicians use games as a means to protect themselves and parents alike from the fact that the people they’re responsible for will have a few rotten apples in the bunch. So today I want to say that I work hard, I get what I need to do done, I live up to my responsibilities, and I don’t like that people say I don’t have live up to those qualities because I play games for more than mobile games, sports games, and COD.

Yes gaming is a hobby and for a lot of people it becomes a lifestyle. I’m no different too, I mean I’m blogging about gaming right now aren’t I? I love to talk to people about games because gaming creates memories and experiences that not many other hobbies can achieve. Video Games when done right can really immerse the player and take them away from the world for a while. I’m not gonna force anyone who believes in the gaming worsens you myth, but I’m just saying that people should at least respect that gaming has created one of the most powerful communities out there (especially on the internet). The whole purpose of me starting a youtube channel and writing these blogs was so I can talk to others about some shared experiences and memories and what they think of new announcements. Its a part of my life, but unlike what many would say its not the only part of my life. Its not a distraction from responsibility, its a distraction from the stress and boredoms. Sometimes I like to go on an adventure in my own home, even if its not real.

I’m not saying that gaming is completely good for a person and that everyone should do it. However, like I said I do get insulted when people say I am lazy and irresponsible because I spend “all” of my time doing it. I think it’s ridiculous to make a claim like that and yet I see it all the time. I for one put my education, family, friends, and job before all else. Its just all about keeping priorities in order. If someone playing games is getting in the way of what’s important one would have every right to tell that person, but I for one disagree with someone thinking that’s the case for all gamers out there. This is just something I wanted to throw out there that was one my mind. I want to assure the gamers out there that as long as your priorities are in order there is nothing wrong with having a passion like gaming. Don’t let other people put you down for what you like to play or even that you play at all. Thank you for reading and your support, I hope you’ll check out my videos on game analyses and more on my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/NaismithBilly

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5 responses to “A Gamer’s World

  1. That’s a well-written article, and one I completely agree with. Gaming is as much a hobby as anything else, though it can be put in a negative light by some people. I think the fact that video games are relatively new compared to previous generations’ hobbies is a major part of the problem, and that in time it will no longer be something to worry about.

  2. It’s harder when you’re a girl. Like, really? Can girls even hold the controllers properly?
    Well, what can I do. My dad got us an NES when I was two years old and I have been playing games since. N64, Gameboy Colour, PS2, Gameboy advance, Gamecube, DS and now 3DS. Hopefully will get WiiU and Vita one day. Gaming in general, and Ninty in particular, has always been part of the family (though mum bans it nowadays) and a great part of my childhood. I spend fun times with it; Ninty’s philosophies influences my writing, and I’m proud to have supported it through its years of ups and downs.
    Will anyone’s opinion deter me of Ninty? Do they even know what they’re talking about? Most don’t even play the games they trash. And the gaming industry is growing by the minute (the Wii and Ds are to thank). And whatever the form of art or entertainment, someone somewhere will always trash it. So as long as Ninty gives me what makes me happy, I’ll be happy.
    Now bring it on Kirby and Sakurai! I’ll eat your challenges for breakfast!

  3. Well said buddy i just get really annoyed when people say violent gaming is the cause of most violence in America. Most parents don’t look at themselves for not raising and teaching their own children. Most violence is caused by the child not releasing the difference between reality and fiction. Which the parent has to tell the child hey you can do this in a game but in real life there are consequences to their actions. When parents don’t take responsibility to correct the child’s conception of reality and fiction. That is when the issue of the child thinking hey if i can do this in the game world wouldn’t i get away with in real life. When this happens the child’s view of Reality and fiction get warped. which then leads to violent behavior in the near future, If the parent doesn’t correct this misconception as soon as possible. Of course most parents are just too lazy to do this and instead blame it on violent video games for making their child violent in society. I play violent games that involve beat them ups and fighting genre along with 3rd person shooters. But do you see me getting violent in real life? No the reason being I have my view of reality and fiction set straight by my parents. These games are really good sources of anger management with the right person speaking the person afterwards. To set that view of reality and fiction straight, with that view straighten out preferably the parents. The child will most likely take their anger and frustration out on pixels then on real people.

    I chooseth this fate of my own free will. Persona 3

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