What if the N64 came out today?

So another generation is here, with a new generation comes a transitional period of whining and excitement from fans… but mostly whining. Now I’m only 21 and I’m really not that old, but I still remember a time where pessimism, biased feelings, and anger weren’t the fuel for gaming media. There were console wars don’t get me wrong, but that was a different war of just spurring business competition, not for looking better than another. People let me assure you now that the events happens now this generation are no different than any other generation even with a different gaming market. Still though you are gonna see everyone proclaim death to something every generation. It made me think what if this small percentage of people who proclaim their doom and gloom on the internet exist when the N64 came out? What if the small percentage of people that only look big because of the influencing power of the internet had a say on how the N64 would be doomed to fail? Here’s how I think it would go.

Firstly its important to remember that a jump to a 64 bit console didn’t start with N64. There were many attempts at large increases of power. Namely with the Jaguar, the CD-i, the Sega CD, etc. A more modern example would also be the Dreamcast. The problem was that people didn’t know what to do with that much power and the software that came out of it suffered because of it. So if the N64 came out today the first thing that would be said is how the N64 is doomed to fail because Nintendo is taking too much of a risk that was made many times before with no success rate. Nintendo would be said to be taking a path of destruction unless they ditch the N64 idea and make a 32-bit console like they should. The N64 would automatically end up a failure because it’ll automatically be called the next Atari Jaguar.

Because of the heckling people would grow nervous of the console and not wanna take the risk Nintendo was supposedly thinking (don’t believe me? Meet Mr.Gamecube and his little brother Mr.WiiU). So it would then be time to make fun of the sales of the console. By making fun of the sales these sad individuals with nothing better to do with laugh as they convince more to not buy a sure to be failure that would be the N64. They will make fun of the dumb risk and say how stupid the controller is. In fact I would go as far to say that someone would say either the controller is the reason the N64 is stupid and non-functioning or they’d put that controller in many gifs/comic strips/memes with that controller and console compared to other consoles and controllers to show how dumb the console is. All this will lead to less and less sales leading to fans and developers running away.

Of course no internet hatred of things that are not fully understood isn’t complete without the mention of “gimmicky peripherals.” 3D gameplay? Please it would never work and all the artwork looks bland and ugly since you can’t draw sprites and the background to look more detailed, the graphics are just nothing but blocky shapes and regular plain colors, the rumble pak? pffffff stupid gimmicky garbage that nobody needs and adds nothing to the game, the gameboy cartridge holder that came with Pokémon Stadium? come on why mix a gameboy game with a console? Especially for an over glorified Pokémon Simulator … and don’t get me started with Hey You Pikachu. I mean come on the next thing you’re gonna tell me is that Nintendo will make a desperate money making fighting game with all the Nintendo Characters.

Lastly of course it would be time to look at the software for the N64. As always people will be ready with an extremely long and impossible to obtain wish list of games Nintendo better make without having to wait and think out how the game would be fun with N64… and they better rush it to stores too to save the N64! Now when it comes to the launch titles here come the rally of people who never played the games and/or the games don’t fit their gaming tastes to say the games are dumb and lackluster. Super Mario 64 will suck because they changed Mario too much and his gameplay is that gimmicky 3D crap, there are too many dumb 3D gimmicky garbage like Paperboy 64 and Pilot Wings 64, and come to think of it why must Nintendo do that stupid 64 crap with all their games anyway! Let’s move forward a bit with Kirby 64 where people would say something like how they didn’t change Kirby at all, its still a side scroller just with some curved turns… if Nintendo is gonna keep doing that gimmicky 3D stuff can’t they do it right!

Good for you N64, you avoided the negative aspects of the internet. The N64 was from a time where gamers would use their brains, do research on what they buy, and take a shot in the dark to see how a console like the N64 can modernize the gaming industry. Like all consoles though, if the N64 did go through the vicious cycle that is pessimistic internet writers it would’ve gotten a fan base and been appreciated eventually, even if it would be after its life cycle. Thanks for reading and your support, I hope you’ll check out my videos on game analyses and more on my youtube channel:www.youtube.com/user/NaismithBilly

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2 responses to “What if the N64 came out today?

  1. You make some good points. Regardless of anyone’s age your viewpoint on video games really comes down to exposure. I am only 30 and yet I got my start on pong and Atari. I can tell you how it felt progressing through each system and my take along with many friends. Here are some points that would have, and even did come up even in the “cave days” of the social web.
    One thing that really killed N64 in the end was not just the quality of games that were put out but the cost. PlayStation came into the scene as only a 32bit system but the developers made great use of this. Nintendo stuck with the cartridge and that was a bad call since it ultimately made new releases more expensive. This was a deciding factor for many along with the strong game library that grew on the PlayStation. Major names jumped ship to leave Nintendo Square Enix (or Square back in that time) just to name one.

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