Having the Original Version of a Game (Retro Gaming)

Something I believe in is that the best way to play a game is to play it on the platform it was made for. This isn’t easy for one’s wallet I know, but after many great deals online and a lot of saving I managed to get a few consoles I wanted because I wanted to play certain titles. before the digital era, getting the console was the only way to play a game (excluding third party titles on multiple platforms). Still today there is less and more affordable ways of doing that with digital download. Having retro titles up for download on the eshop/WiiWare, PSN, and Xbox Live was one of the best things ever done for a console’s internet connections in my opinion. I love getting games I missed out on or getting games I loved when I was younger that I can have on my new console if I ever want it. It also helps convince me to get the original copies. The reason I mention downloaded titles at all is because I’m sure people would wonder why bother play Sonic the Hedgehog 1 on a Genesis when they can play it on PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, 3DS, PC, Smart devices, and so on and so on. There are many ways to play game if the game hits a certain level of esteem and/or fame, which is a very good thing. I assure you though that the original format for the game is something that both can’t be replaced and something I personally find better.

My first and for most reason for saying this is that I love to play the game with the controller that went hand and hand with the game when the game was released. The perfect example for me is Super Mario for two reasons. The first is I hate the Wii release of the game, I find the controls so lose and it’s hard to tell but I assure you there’s a lag to it. Playing the Wii version though is something I like to do because when I play it on my NES I play so much better than I would’ve without it. I know its the same game in every way and it is hard to explain how controls work without trying it yourself, but I do find differences in how the controls work. Which leads me to my second reason of this example, I find the 3DS release to have fantastic and faithful controls. With that I can enjoy SMB 1 on the go, and with it’s restore points I can great practice out of the game. With that going back to the NES version is a more enjoyable experience because of it.The controls work the same way, but still the controller itself makes all the difference too. The NES controller vs the 3DS control scheme are still very different which makes a more vintage and reliable experience for the NES counterpart. Another quicker example I’d like to mention is Kirby’s Adventure. Like SMB 1 I own so many versions of this game (I admit its a problem), I have the NES cartridge, I have the Wii Anniversary Collection for Kirby, I have it on the 3DS, and I just replaced the Wii download to save some memory on my Wii memory and bought a copy for my WiiU. If I may go on a tangent for a second I just love Nintendo’s deal on the Virtual Console where if you owned a VC game on the Wii that’s also on the WiiU, the WiiU’s price will be cut to a dollar if you want to move it over to the WiiU menu. Back to the matter at hand; My favorite version of Kirby’s Adventure (not including the NES version) is the 3DS version. I find playing the game with an SNES style of controlling (using the Y[copy ability] and B[jump] button instead of the B[copy ability] and A[jump]) to be very beneficial, but only because of the difference of the controller itself compared to the NES controller. I admit I do prefer the WiiU and 3DS version form of control because I get to use and SNES control style, but I still favor the control of the NES version because its the only version of the game where I can play it with NES style controls due to the design of the controller itself. I can’t explain it but I can’t play an NES style control scheme on anything else (even the Wii version gives me trouble so I like to use the Classic Controller). Playing it with an NES scheme makes it an NES game which adds to the games antiquity. With it feeling like an NES game I forgive the problems that would be a problem today if it were released today (i.e slow down, occasional visual glitches, reusing a few things in the games code to extent game time, etc.). It may not seem like much but I like to think its the little things that matter.

Another factor is in fact the antiquity as mentioned before and the felt achievement of playing the original releases. A game to me just doesn’t feel old or retro when playing it on the original platform. Its not an anniversary addition, its not a re-release, its not a best of, and its not a vintage game download, it is simply a game when on the original platform. Believe me doing this can be bad on the wallet, but I find it a very enriching experience if you don’t mind not having extra spending money for a week or 2. I can’t explain why having and playing original releases is so enriching, but I guess it’s the same as asking a musician why they would play in different styles and why they would love to buy classic/vintage equipment when they already have their state of the art new equipment. People play games because they love the way they use their mind and the pleasure they get when playing a game. There are many ways to enhance and nurture that ultimate experience by trying out retro titles and having their corresponding platform.

With recent times and having HD remakes I can just tell you that those remakes exist so they look better and run smoother which is a very great thing. I love picking up HD remakes, but they do disappoint me here and there. Like with Sonic Adventure 2 HD, it was the original game with a paint job. Now yes this is the point of an HD remake but to me an HD remake should be remade from the ground up to get a new experience out of it. Playing Sonic Adventure 2 HD just makes me want to turn on my gamecube and play it there (of course I am very curious in playing the Dreamcast version [I just don't have enough of a reason to buy a Dreamcast]). Now LoZ: The Wind Waker HD is the perfect example of what an HD remake should be, with a complete graphical overhaul, new features to support the new platform and an overall new experience with an older game. The WiiU version holds its own esteem apart from the Gamecube version to me. I will play both versions in the future for sure because they both will give me a different Wind Waker experience that each partners well with the console it was released on.

Now people would think differently than me and I understand why, but with that there are great benefits in the modest investment that is retro gaming. I play in the modern day more granted, but having the option is great. Just the other day I was playing Super Mario 64 on my N64 and I was just having a great time (and yeah recreating memories is a nice part of it too). Many games today are offered in many ways thanks to the digital era, but there’s just no replacing the experience of playing a game with its partnered platform. Thank you for reading and your support, I hope you can check out my videos on game analyses and more on my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/NaismithBilly

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One response to “Having the Original Version of a Game (Retro Gaming)

  1. I definitely prefer having a physical copy of the game over anything digital so I agree with you there. For the most part, I also agree that the game plays the best on the original console, but there are definitely a lot of exceptions. I believe that Sonic Adventure 2 Battle worked better with the Gamecube than the Dreamcast, but the Gamecube is the perfect console for me in every way so it’s hard for it not to win. The controller stands as the greatest of all time for me to this day!

    Ultimately, I’d say that the controller is the key part as to whether the game will be fun or not. For example, a Sonic game that is released on the PS4, Wii U, 3DS, PC, Gamecube, and PC will be the most fun on the Gamecube, with the PS4 as the 2nd most fun. The 3DS and PSP will never be able to compete because they don’t have a joystick and the PC/Wii U have solid controllers in their own right (All Pro), but it’s not as good as the original PS4. That’s usually what determines the gameplay value of a game for me anyway

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