NC is looking for new members. Apply now!

Nintendo Chronicle is currently undergoing a major reboot and needs new members. To apply, visit this page and follow the guidelines on it. Applicants that are accepted into Nintendo Chronicle will play a major role in its future as they grow alongside the website. We will attempt to reply to every applicant within the next week, but this may or may not be feasible depending on the amount of applications we receive. All of the requirements and necessary information for applying are listed here. Thank you for your continued support of Nintendo Chronicle, and good luck to those interested in applying.

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One response to “NC is looking for new members. Apply now!

  1. I won’t be able to apply as I do not have enough time, but I definitely wish you guys the best and hope that you get a lot of members! This site has definitely been fun and I’ve mostly enjoyed the game reviews or video game editorials.

    It’ll always be tough/near impossible to pass MyNintendoNews as a Nintendo news source since they’re almost instant, but that’s why I liked all of the unique content that you guys did here, like the interviews and the other articles that I previously mentioned. I look forward to seeing the site’s new image!

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