My WiiU Experience So Far 2

So last year I posted my WiiU experience at that moment in time. Today since it’s a new year I decided to continue this idea with an update. So I now have a larger library of games that really explore next gen ideas regarding use of the touch screen, miiverse, level design possibilities, and gyro techniques. I am really enjoying what developers are doing right now. The console is growing and that is something every player should notice and enjoy to fully interact with the generation they are currently living in.

As always like with the Wii, I love the Virtual Console. This time with the eshop I feel shopping for downloads is easier and better than ever. The eshop has grown into a very busy place compared to the WiiU eshop of the past. In fact it grew so much during the christmas season, the eshop crashed from the amount of people setting up a Nintendo Network ID and visiting the eshop. I’ve been buying mostly DLC; which doesn’t sound like a big deal, but with Nintendo finally getting into it its a great new welcoming improvement. I have to admit I always was a bit of a DLC junkie, I just like to get as much out of a game as possible. Of course I also got some indie games and VC games, including Earthbound which as I said here before is an amazing accomplishment.

Miiverse has been growing as well. Miiverse has gotten the attention of many developers as well as players. Seeing the reactions of games straight from the players has proven to be very helpful and fun. With the 3DS getting a mobile version of Miiverse with its own communities has also proven to expand the Miiverse world (I also love the unified eshop account too). I have seen Miiverse being directly put into the game. Sonic Lost World and Wind Waker HD are the best examples of this. I love finding bottles with random peoples Miiverse posts on the shores of the islands in Wind Waker to be very interactive and exciting. As soon as I can get my pictographs in color I plan to make some myself. Lost World’s use of Miiverse includes giving and getting items from/to anyone around the world. Although I do think this needs a little tweaking due to getting items every five seconds breaking the flow of the game at times. Unfortunately what I knew would happen is starting. Comment wars and trolls are making their way into Miiverse. I’m sure it won’t be very noticeable, but at the same time I thought it was so nice to finally have a place that involved social interaction on the internet to be full of nice approachable people. Again though it probably won’t be very noticeable. Miiverse has become part of the game for many games, like collecting stamps in 3D World and posting them on Miiverse (a great reward system). I say this point again along with another example to show that I like Miiverse being put into the games and I hope developers continue to work with the idea.

How the gamepad is being used is nice. I appreciate that more baby steps are being made with the touch screen compared to the Wii’s motion control. Motion control and the Wii got a lot of shovelware due to experiments with motion control, which gave the Wii a bad name and made it difficult to find great 3rd party games like Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story (I haven’t gotten a chance to play The Last Story yet but I have heard great things about the game and its in my library on my play list). The WiiU is being much more careful with its new capabilities. Something I like is what the gamepad can do with an option to just use more traditional methods in games. For example in Wind Waker HD, using the grappling hook has 2 options; either use the analog stick or use the gyro. I find that giving options like this is a better way to welcome gamers into a new way to play. With something small like certain items Link uses or helping Mario stun enemies by holding them with a touch on the touch screen, these are nice ways to introduce new ideas. I still believe, if done right, that motion control and touch screens make a control interface so much more interactive, easy, and simple. The gamepad will become something much more interesting to gamers and I’m looking forward to seeing more experiments in using the capabilities of the gamepad.

The WiiU is coming along very well and I’m looking forward to seeing what the WiiU will become. I always love looking into a new generation and watching it grow. Its stuff like that that’ll help the gamer understand the art form of gaming. How gaming and caring developers move forward and introduces new forms of stimulation and excitement. I will continue to do these updates and I may talk about other consoles in the future. Thank you for reading and your support, I hope you’ll check out my videos on game analyses and more on my youtube

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