The Social Effects of Street Pass

So anyone with a 3DS knows what the street pass function is even if they do not use the function. Street Pass has to be the greatest innovation for handhelds. Nothing before has ever unified owners of a single handheld platform. Street passing offers a lot of for a 3DS owner, but mostly centers around its app. Street pass plaza is a place where you get to meet the Miis of other 3DS owners and they would trade puzzle pieces on panels based on big Nintendo releases, and play a turn based RPG Find Mii which I reviewed in a past article. There are also some DLC games that expand the experience as well, all to earn new panels, achievements, and most importantly hats/costumes for your Mii to wear when meeting new people. Games also incorporate the street pass by offering high scores to beat, items to give, battles to perform, and more to come. So why talk about street pass you ask? Well simply because it is becoming a hit with many handheld gamers, even gamers like Chuggaaconroy have shared great enthusiasm for Nintendo’s handheld social interaction.

First thing I’d like to express is how street pass can really enhance the social interaction between 3DS players. Now I know this would sound obvious but look at it this way. In the past interaction between two people and handhelds (even with internet) were limited to friends. Street pass offered a way for gamers to break the ice and shows things they have in common based on where they pass by each other   through out the course of the day as well as the games they play. This is a great way have more people on the go enjoy a gaming experience on the road together. Its a really amazing experience when gamers share experiences with each other and even enhances each others experiences. When people are finished with Street Pass I always see them look up and see who they street passed with (including me), and I have personally made friends from street passing with people for a while. Street Pass inspires people to see who also owns a 3DS, that hasn’t been done since the Gameboy (Color) and Pokémon.

Street Pass also inspires gamers to really carry around their 3DS everywhere they go. I really admire a handheld that can be something that everybody makes sure they have in their pocket every time they leave the house. Because having play tokens (something you can trade for certain services on the  3DS software) is also something that gets people walking with it, increasing the chances for street passing with another gamer. Having a handheld around all the time is simply the best thing a handheld can accomplish, and street pass (along with great software) is something to thank for that. People with street pass satisfy their need to collect and conquer (which are a couple of basic gaming instincts).

Street Pass is something that has become a life style if I may go that far. Talking with my friends when I meet up with them, street passing always tends to come in the conversation. Just last night my friend was meeting up with me at a friends house. I got there first and the first thing he said when he walked in was he knew I get there first because he got my street pass. If a friend of mine doesn’t have a puzzle piece for me I usually pal around with them about it making them guilty about it. Street pass has truly awakened a new generation of the way people interact with each other in the portable gaming world.

So with that I think its clear that the fandom street pass created was created for good reason. So with that join me next time when I discuss the social effect of Miiverse. Thank you for reading and your support, I hope you’ll check out my videos on game analyses and more on my youtube channel:

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One response to “The Social Effects of Street Pass

  1. I completely ignored the Street Pass feature for about the first year that I owned a 3DS. Then when I realized there were a lot of people walking around my school with them, I started keeping mine on in standby with the wifi enabled rather than trying to save batteries. I just collected every puzzle piece last week. Now if only I could get every hat…

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