[Review] Brunch Panic


Have you ever wanted to run your own food truck and travel all over the world? Well, here’s your chance with Brunch Panic. Brunch Panic is the newest game released by Circle Entertainment. The story begins with a girl named Bonnie who loves to bake and dreams of traveling the world and someday making it to Paris. Her grandpa comes in and gives her the keys to a truck which Bonnie uses to keep her love for baking alive while also making her way to Paris, all while keeping the people nearby happy with her baking. The story plays out in mini-comic strips which have Japanese dialogue added to it and take you throughout little moments in Bonnie’s adventure.

The game is fairly simple to play. You must fill the orders exactly how a customer would like.  When the day is done, you are rated by a star system by 1 to 3, and your rating is based on how many customers you were able to serve, money earned, tips and how much of the star bar you’ve filled up (which is filled by successful orders) and at the beginning, it’s not all that hard. Along the way of the game, you are introduced to other ingredients and foods to serve your guests, allowing some variety. Going back to successful orders, customers have a set amount of patience that goes down gradually the longer you take to fill their order. The hearts, which represent their patience, goes down fairly slow, so you have a good amount of time before serving them, but later in the game, you are introduced to more impatient customers who just want their food. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, no; it gives you a much bigger and better challenge. On top of the guests, there is also a boss stage, or a rush stage in a way as you try to complete as many orders as you can before the time limit is up.

The game is fun and addictive, allowing you coordinate how your foods truck overall looks and the stages, which gain more of a challenge and speed over time.  A good technique to use is to prepare yourself, or you might find yourself stumbling over. Overall, the game is simple, quick and fun and distributes different ways to challenge the player.


+ Simple and easy to pick up

+ Customization is a nice addition.

+ Fast rush stages test your reaction and speed, fun for a nice challenge.


- Fun the first time few times, but becomes boring later on.

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