NC: Interview With Two Tribes Gaming

It’s that time again and I know it’s been a while but this interview will make up for it. I would like to welcome guys who have been around the block more than once when it comes to developing games. From the Netherlands, please welcome Two Tribes Gaming to the Nintendo Chronicle!

1. Name/Location/Company Name

Collin van Ginkel, Amersfoort, the Netherlands, Two Tribes

2. How much of a big deal for you guys to have Toki Tori 2 mentioned in a Nintendo Direct?

It was a great feeling when we noticed our game was being featured between all those big name releases. It’s definitely made a lot more people aware of the fact that Toki Tori 2 is coming, so we’re pretty thankful.

3.Why did you guys decide to delay Toki Tori 2? Was it something bigger than the game just wasn’t ready?

I actually wrote a pretty comprehensive blog post on on this topic. Feel free to link to it directly. Mere days before we wanted to send it off to Nintendo it became apparent that we weren’t going to make it. In the end we needed three more months to get it to a state in which we were happy with releasing it. It sounds weird, but we really thought we were going to make it. You can find the blog post on Two Tribes here.

4. Without giving too much away, could you talk about Toki Tori 2? Why did you guys feel that the Wii U would be a good fit to work on?

Toki Tori has always been a Nintendo style game, so it just made sense to release it on Nintendo’s newest console too when it was announced.

5.When did you guys feel that you had arrived on the video game scene?

When we were asked by Valve to help out with the promotion of Portal 2, I personally felt honored that they had selected us from the hundreds of possible developers on Steam. It made me feel like we were on the right track with our new-found independence from traditional publishers.

6. Favorite game that you guys have worked on?

That would easily be Toki Tori 2. It’s the best we’ve ever made on all fronts. I’m so proud of what we’ve made!

7.In your opinion, is it tougher for indie companies to be located in the United States or internationally?

Whenever we visit GDC or PAX we’re amazed at how close-knit the indie community in the US is. I’d definitely say it’s tougher to be outside the US, but the internet makes up for that quite a bit. You have to create your own chances a bit more, but it’s definitely doable to be successful.

8.Easier to work with characters already established or characters you build from the ground up?

We’ve done both in recent years and I don’t think I could make that call. Existing characters allow for less creativity and new characters take a lot of time to get right. In Toki Tori 2 we did both, since the game has a pretty substantial supporting cast.

9.What is a good way to describe Toki Tori 2: Platformer, Strategy-puzzle, or could it be considered something totally different?

We’ve thought about that quite a lot and we now call it a puzzle adventure game. It has platform elements, but not like you’d expect from a Mario or Little Big Planet game. It also shares elements in its design from Metroidvania games. It’s quite different from existing puzzle games.

10.Is there a company or franchise that you really want to work with someday, if given the opportunity?

I think we could make a damn fine Star fox game for Wii U. Yes, a classic Star fox game would be awesome to work on.

11.How did you guys come up with the name “Two Tribes?”

Short answer: It sounded international.

12.Toughest part of being an indie developer?

I think we struggle with getting noticed in the sea of indie developers mostly. There are so many developers active these days, that a game about a chicken isn’t always a top priority for reporters.

13.Anything else you want our readers to know about Two Tribes?

We put a lot of love and effort into Toki Tori 2 and I’d love for them to see if we succeeded in making an awesome game!


1.Mario or Luigi Fan?

I actually think both Mario and Luigi are not the best examples of character design. The games are super fun, so I’ll play them, but I have no real connection to them.

2.Who had to fun of playing through Toki Tori 1 for the solution videos?

My guess is that it was the other co-founder Martijn Reuvers. He likes to keep himself busy with things like that!

3.Was there ever a point where you felt a game you worked on should get more fanfare but for some reason didn’t?

I’d nominate Swap This! That game deserved way more players than it ended up getting. It was a failed experiment, but there was quite a lot to it.

4.Favorite video game memory?

Must be playing Mario 64 for the first time, that felt magical to me.

5.Toughest/hardest game Two Tribes has worked on?

From a player experience I’d say Toki Tori was the toughest to play through. I still haven’t finished some of that game’s levels and I made most!

Well. there you have it. I would like to thank Two Tribes Gaming for participating in the interview. I know they have been busy with Toki Tori 2 and it looks like the wait will be well worth it. Keep an eye out for the next Ninty Chronicle interview. We have a few good ones in the pipe line coming up but to be honest, all the interviews are good!

Until the next time!

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